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Vegan Soaps, All Natural, Cold Processed, Handmade, Pure Luxury Soap.

All of these soaps can rightfully be called "Vegan Soaps" - they are cruelty-free, involving no testing on animals, and - apart from those that have a man-made fragrance - they contain all-natural, only vegetable products.

Veganism is essentially the practice of compassion towards all animals (and humans, and the environment). Many cosmetics and detergent products in use today involve horribly cruel testing on animals such as rabbits - if you want to investigate Veganism further, I've supplied links to help you.

My fragrance oils involve no cruelty or use of animals, but we're careful to spell out which soaps contain fragrance oils and which do not.

In this current selection of my favorite recipes, the soaps you can rely on to contain only pure vegetable materials are the following:

Pure Vegan Soaps, All-Natural and Handmade

Lavender SoapUsing essential oil of lavender for a lovely aroma my Handmade Lavender Soap

peppermint soapsimilarly, with the essential oils of peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus my All-Natural Peppermint Soap

Unscented Soapand completely pure, filled with natural oils and butters for your skin (as with all my soaps), but with no aromatic oils whatsoever my Pure Natural Unscented Soap

We proudly belong to The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild
Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild

Here's the link to the Vegan Society, the world headquarters link to Vegan Society.

Also here's The American Vegan Society

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