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LunaBrue Gemstone Soap

Fresh and Inspiring

LunaBrue Gemstone Soap is unlike any soap on the market today. If you are like me, bath time, whether it be showering or tub bathing, is a contemplative time. Its during this time I’m either gearing up for the day or winding down for the night. I created LunaBrue Gemstone Soap to assist in these rituals.

My special line of soap that is made with REAL semi-precious gemstones to start you on your journey. I start with by handcrafting a unique sea salt soap.  Sea salt soaps offer a rich bubbly lather that are almost lotion-like which your skin will love!  I then add pure fine gemstone powder and incorporate it into soaps. The pure powder is so fine, you won’t feel it, but its there! I embed a larger polished stone into the soap to further the intentions, which you can keep afterwards to carry in your pocket or sit in the window. Lastly I match the intent of the stone with complementary essential oil blends. For our liquid body wash, I add smaller stones to the bottles. LunaBrue Gemstone Soap offers Peace (Amethyst), Power (Black Tourmaline), Love (Rose Quartz), Clarity (Rock Crystal), and Growth (Green Adventurine).

These are made using a unique Vegan recipe, with zero Palm Oil, and I offer it to you in the spirit of peace and love! I hope you enjoy them!

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