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Unscented - No Fragrance Added Soaps

Designed for the client who is looking for high-end luxury bath products with no added fragrances. Too often, we find the only unscented and no fragranced added soaps and lotions are utilitarian and uninspired (or ridiculously expensive!) So here at Castle Rock Soap Company, we have created products with YOU in mind. Bursting with skin pampering oils, some are Vegan while others contain milk products and at times, honey. At times we may use Nut Oils, but will always indicate where present.

These soaps are perfect for babies, people with sensitivities to fragrances, and people who just don’t want to sacrifice a luscious bathing experience just because they want fragrance-free.

Even if you are a fragrance lover, we encourage ALL our customers to try one of these decadent soaps. You might just fall in love!!

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